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Trademark application

  trademark dispute is refers to applicants on has had trademark Council approved registered of trademark, think and prior registered trademark same or approximate and constitute trademark interests Shang of conflict, or think violation trademark law ban note disabled terms or other provides and not should was approved registered, or think is to cheat means, and other not due means made registered of, to trademark Review Committee proposed of requirements revoked the registered trademark of application. Trademark opposition and
the biggest difference is that trademark disputes is to remove the trademark is a valid trademark registration has been approved, the trademark as long as there is no trademark review and adjudication Board decided to withdraw, it still has the exclusive use of registered trademarks owned by all legitimate rights and interests, protected by the law. Submitted by the parties to the dispute reason and evidence is the key to whether the trademark is withdraw. Thus, trademark expertise required, familiarity with the law, insight into the judgment on specific things and so on very high.