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Registered trademark/trademark registration transfer request

  implementation of the trademark registration system in our country, trademark rights to transfer of the registered trademark/trademark registration rights to others, must handle the transfer request by the trademark office procedures and approved by the review, transfer otherwise it is invalid.
transfer of trademarks are generally in the form of 3 types, namely: commercial contracts (agreements) the transfer, due to corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructuring or bankruptcy of liquidation or inherited after the natural death of trademarks following the transfer, depending on Court trademark mandatory transfer to transfer. Transfer types are registered trademarks of trademark transfer and transfer 2 trademark registration, which is for the transfer of ownership of the trademark and exclusive rights, the latter only for the transfer of the eligibility and priority of trade mark applications.
trademark is a registered trademark or trademark registration rights, one of the most effective ways. But due to the special trademarks, especially in recent years, trademark assignment of many illegal and improper conduct, often trademark or following a transfer, there are many opportunities and pitfalls, benefits and risks, and other problems. These require agents to wise insight and judgment to resolve.