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Patent documents

  Lee literature is about the national patent system in the world patent application and patent files, including the right to apply for the patent specification detailed technical content. Because of the technical content of patent documents published in about two or three years ahead of science and technology magazines and other publications to full use of patent documents, is helpful to the development of the enterprise.
through patent literature of retrieved, enterprise or invention who can get of help including:
understand both at home and abroad a field research latest dynamic, to avoid repeat investment, and research, improve research of beginning, inspired research thought
understand peer or competition opponents of patent technology reserves situation and legal State, to avoid violations others patent
preliminary judge to application patent of inventions whether has grant patent of prospects, to help enterprise or inventor decided whether proposed patent application
Understand a items technology content of advanced degree, and patent protection status, and similar technology of patent protection situation, to judge the technology of value, in the technology transfer or license of negotiations in the master active
understand to export products in a imports country whether may violations others in the country of patent, to avoid raised related of infringement litigation
understand a items patent of novel sex and creative, for judge the patent of effectiveness provides information.
as well as other useful information.